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Welcome to Renutrack

As specialists in innovative and cost effective hard surface repair and maintenance, we understand the importance of a road or track that is sustainable and reliable.

Established in 2007, experience has helped us to fully understand the common problems faced by our customers and, critically, how to solve them. Be it potholes, waterlogging, poor drainage or simply the consequences of British weather for our rural community and businesses, we deliver a high quality and long term solution.

Renutrack has invested in state of the art machinery to provide the best service available. Our machines enable Renutrack to recycle the existing material to form a new, more durable surface, often without incurring the full extent of additional stone costs. We can incorporate unwanted rubble or stone in to the track and will import new stone only where necessary. We also offer cement stabilisation to solidify your investment and extend the working life of the road or track.

Renutrack is based in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire but our services are available throughout the UK, please call or email for further information or to arrange a free consultation.

Road Reclamation

If your drive or tracks are old and worn out then we have the solution for you with our specialist machinery we are able to recycle the material in your drive or track to create a smooth unbound surface our crushers are able to break up and crush even the hardest of stone ranging from concrete to granite and even tarmac.

Road Stabilisation

Road stabilisation is the process of incorporating percentages of cement into existing or imported materials thereby turning it into a bound surface. We pride ourselves on transparency when it comes to cement incorporation. Every surface has different requirements and we communicate with clients exactly what they are getting.

Forestry Roads

Track construction forms a large part of our work. Past jobs have included constructing roads on behalf of the Forestry Commision to their own specification.

We complete work on all aspects of forestry road building, we sub contract to local harvesters where nesecery. In the past we have used SDL Biomass who have the ability to fell and chip on-site leaving us clear pathways to begin construction.

Soil Stabilisation

In-situ soil stabilisation is used throughout the construction industry. This is a quick and cost efficient method of creating ground slab foundations by modifying existing soils with binders such as lime and cement. It is quicker and cheaper than the traditional method of the disposal and import of materials to profile a construction site.

Most cohesive and granular sub - soils can be stabilised.

Forestry Mulching

We are able to carry out forestry mulching and vegetation clearance.

Forestry Road Building

Loading and laying Stone

Ripping & Crushing Stone

"Our yard is now a fantastic solid surface, with good drainage. It has proven to be incredibly tough to drill through... tougher than our 6" thick concrete apron. George and Will maintained great communication throughout the project and were a pleasure to deal with. "
Andy - Protech Machinery (Yard Stabilisation)