Forestry Roads

Track construction forms a large part of our work. Past jobs have included constructing roads on behalf of the Forestry Commission to their own specification.

We complete work on all aspects of forestry road building, we sub contract to local harvesters where necessary. In the past we have used SDL Biomass who have the ability to fell and chip on-site leaving us clear pathways to begin construction.

We start by lifting and clearing all tree stumps, we then complete necessary ground works to cut paths through hill sides, install drains and drainage culverts and fill/level any unstable ground. We will then lay stone over the entire track to Forestry Commission specifications, we often exceed specifications. Stone can be sourced from local suppliers or if you have a quarry site/old quarry with the relevant permissions we can quarry materiel from there saving on costs. We then crush, grade and compact the stone to give a long lasting smooth finish. 

Past applications have included access for timber harvesting, site access, rights of way, and HGV haul roads. 

Renutrack On Site

Clearing, quarrying, laying, crushing and the track a year after the job.

"Our yard is now a fantastic solid surface, with good drainage. It has proven to be incredibly tough to drill through... tougher than our 6" thick concrete apron. George and Will maintained great communication throughout the project and were a pleasure to deal with. "
Andy - Protech Machinery (Yard Stabilisation)