Road Stabilisation

Road stabilisation is the process of incorporating cement into existing or imported materials and thereby turning it into a bound surface. We pride ourselves on transparency when it comes to cement incorporation. Every surface has different requirements and our customers will be made aware of exactly how much cement is being used to bind their track.

Step 1 
We start by breaking up and crushing the original material in the surface. We camber the entire area before we add cement. 

Step 2
We use our trailed cement spreader to quickly and accurately spread large volumes of cement. Timescale is always important in this process as cement is only workable within our process for a few hours.

Step 3
We use our mixing drum to mix cement to depths of up to 300mm to gain a thoroughly consistent blend of material. We create a large volume of material to work with and give a solid surface structure.  

Step 4
Grade to create a smooth and if needed cambered surface whilst compacting and hydrating. We incorporate water throughout the process depending on environmental conditions (Weather, drainage, material type and cement quantity). At this point we hydrate and compact simultaneously to create a slurry and seal the top surface. 

You'll be left with a hard durable surface suitable for cars, tractors and even HGVs to drive on. The surface finish is rustic, and varies depending on the conditions at the time of construction. It is not comparable to concrete, in terms of finish, but is equal in structural integrity. The cement incorporated acts to bind the material and will prevent subsidence. Where the road accommodates large volumes of traffic, customers will often use cement stabilisation as a sub-base before laying tarmac on top. 

Renutrack On Site

Crushing, Mixing, Spreading and the end result of a stabilised track.

"Our yard is now a fantastic solid surface, with good drainage. It has proven to be incredibly tough to drill through... tougher than our 6" thick concrete apron. George and Will maintained great communication throughout the project and were a pleasure to deal with. "
Andy - Protech Machinery (Yard Stabilisation)