Road Reclamation

If your drive or track is old and worn out, we have the solution for you. Our specialist machinery enables us to recycle the material in your drive or track to create a smooth unbound surface. Our crushers are able to break up and pulverize even the hardest of stone, including concrete, granite and even tarmac. Please take a look below for a step-by-step guide of Renutrack road reclamation.

Step 1
Rip through and destroy the upper structure of the track in order to remove potholes and uproot material to work with.

Step 2 
Crush the material to gain a consistent size and to introduce fines that will bind the surface.

Step 3
Grade the material to give the desired camber and drainage and achieve a smooth surface.

Step 4
Compact the surface to give structure and create an even unbound finish. Using our compaction plates we can achieve structural compaction to a depth of 500mm. 



Renutrack On Site

Ripping, crushing, grading and compacting. Chedworth Dairy after we finished and 18 months on.

“We have worked with George and the team for two years now and find them professional, conscientious and thorough. The product holds up well to the rigours of estate traffic and all work was carried out around our operations and in a safe environment.”
Roy Cox - Head of Estates, Blenheim Palace (Ongoing Cement Stabilisation)