Chedworth Dairy


Chedworth Dairy most recently approached us having used our services before to come and construct a new access track to a new dairy unit. 

This entire unit is on a disused air field and we would be able to recycle the existing material to build the new track. 

Approximately 300m long and 4m wide. 

Whilst we were there they asked if we could crush some of the old concrete footings that had been dug up and create a new hard standing area at the back of the milking parlour. 


We spent the first day with an 8 tonne excavator removing topsoil from the old airfield surface; we created a 5m wide 300m stretch of clean area to work in. 

We used our dump trailer to clear the soil and dump at the convenience of the customer. 

We then ripped up the surface and used the extra space we had created to make drainage gullies, with 5m of width we graded stone from the outside to the middle to create our camber. Being an airfield the stone had been laid exceptionally deep and even ripping to 300mm depth we still had pure stone. 

The quality of the stone gave us the perfect base to recycle. Once it had been crushed to a consistent size we could further grade and then compact to give the surface a smooth, strong structure. 

The client was very happy and we expect to be asked back to tend to more of their tracks soon. 

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“We have worked with George and the team for two years now and find them professional, conscientious and thorough. The product holds up well to the rigours of estate traffic and all work was carried out around our operations and in a safe environment.”
Roy Cox - Head of Estates, Blenheim Palace (Ongoing Cement Stabilisation)